2021 BMW M3 with a stick tests its speed at the Nürburgring

Only the standard version will be available with a manual gearbox

2021 BMW M3 Spy Video

Today we got a new spy video posted on YouTube showing an undercover test version of 2021 M3 with manual gearbox testing its speed secretly at Nürburgring circuit in Germany.

Before we talk about this video, we would like to remind you that the high-performance division of the Bavarian company is currently working on the development and construction of the M Power version of BMW 3 Series in its new generation, which has been tested by the founder of our site Musab Shashaa in Special Coverage program,

And as you might already know, the car will be offered in two versions; BMW M3 sedan, and BMW M4 Coupe.

This is certainly not the first time we have talked about the all-new 2021 BMW M3 (G80), but today we got a video showing a part of the speed tests carried out by the new M3 equipped with a manual gearbox,  on the world’s toughest race track.

Watch the Spy Video:


2021 BMW M3  and M4 exterior design will be inspired by BMW Concept 4 that appeared in 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, where our editor-in-chief Suhaib Shashaa was present. He was told by BMW officials that the high-performance 3 Series will receive a front grille inspired by the concept car.

2021 BMW 4 concept

We have recently received official information confirming that both cars; BMW M3 and BMW M4 will not be available for sale before 2021, and we don’t know the cause of this delay!

The Bavarian manufacturer confirmed that a manual gearbox will be available only on the standard version of M3, other versions will have automatics.

Mechanical specifications:

Both cars will borrow the same engine used on BMW X3 M and X4 M, a 6-cylinder 3-liter engine with twin-turbo, generating 473 hp and 600 Nm in the SUVs, but the numbers will increase in the sedans and the coupes.

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