2020 MG RX8 is a New Chinese 7-passenger Car that Challenges Pajero

2020 MG RX8 is Finally Here to Compete in the SUV segment

This is our first test-drive of 2020 MG RX8; the largest  SUV made by the Chinese-British company MG – which is owned by the Chinese giant SAIC Motor. Our test-drive took place in the mountainous Chouf area of Lebanon with our colleague Karim Deeb presenting today’s episode of Special Coverage.

Last Wednesday, we showed you the detailed test-drive of 2020 MG5, the moderately priced sedan

Today we will introduce its big sister SUV, MG RX8 with 3 rows of seats to accommodate 7 passengers on board. This new car is part of the Chinese company plan to increase the spread of its cars in the Middle East market, it is aimed to compete in a new category and satisfy the needs of large families specifically.

Watch the video:

The new MG RX8 2020 will compete in the market with many things including a modern exterior with LED lights, intense shiny silver chrome accents, hood stripes and a distinctive rear identity with the X letter.

This family car also has 20-inch rims surrounded by Michelin wheels, it can break into off-road and dive into 80 cm high waters, and it has a total load volume of 2,178 liters.

You can also choose from several exterior finishes – Universal White, Pearl White, Blue, Grey, Brown and Black.

2020 MG RX8 SUV

Mechanical specifications:

This Sino-British car is based on a turbocharged 4-liter engine generating 220 hp and 360 Nm, connected to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

This car competes against Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero, Haval H9 and Changan CS95.

2020 MG RX8 Prices:

The price of MG RX8 2020 (without taxes) starts from $ 21,850 (82,000 Saudi Riyals), while the fully-loaded version will cost you $ 24,550 (92,000 Saudi Riyals). A good price for a vehicle that provides good style with off-road capability, luxurious comfort, and some of the finest automotive technology available.



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