2020 Mercedes G63 AMG Modified By Mansory Generates The Power Of A Supercar

After the cancellation of the 2020 Geneva Motor Show because of the Swiss government ban on all large events involving more than 1,000 people due to concerns over the coronavirus, we will not be able to see any of the cars Modified By Mansory in the flesh soon.

Yet, Mansory unveiled a new modification package available for the 2020 Mercedes G63 AMG on their website and via Social media

Before talking about the new modified Mansory car, we would like to remind you that the new 2020 Mercedes G63 AMG has already undergone a detailed test drive carried out by our colleague Kareem Deeb in an episode of Test Drive program.

This is not the first body kit offered by Mansory for the new G63 AMG, but this modification package marks  the introduction of a new logo for the modification company

Here are the photos of the 2020 Mercedes G63 AMG modified by Mansory:

We note that this modified new car has a body kit that includes front and rear bumpers with carbon fiber skirt attachments, huge fender flares, and a new hood scoop.

There are also red accents on the side-mirror caps and 24-inch wheels, adding a distinctive identity to the German car, equipped with new modifications, provided by Mansory.

Mechanical specifications for the modified Mercedes G63 AMG 2020 from Mansory:

The car is powered by 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine generating 720 hp, but Mansory has not released more about the performance figures for this vehicle.

The price of the modified 2020 Mercedes G63  starts from $ 361,327 equivalent to 1,354,976 SAR, knowing that the price of the stock car without modification starts from 150,150 USD or the equivalent of 563,062 SAR.

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