2020 Ford Expedition Gets New Vossen Wheels Rims

Car modification fans, our ArabGT team got a new set of photos posted on Facebook showing a new 2020 Ford Expedition with new rims from Vossen Wheels.

Just as a reminder, we previously showed you a Vlog video, which shows the stages of modifying the car of our colleague and editor in chief, Suhaib Shashaa. The modification job included changing the car’s wheels and tires. You can Watch Suhaib’s Car Being Modified Here 

Today’s star is the 2020 Ford Expedition in its current fourth generation, which our colleague Karim Deeb has test-driven in one of the episodes of Test Drive program on your site ArabGT.

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2020 Ford Expedition photo collection with the new rims from Vossen Wheel:

According to the information available to our team at ArabGT, this 2020 Ford is equipped with 6-spoke Vossen Wheels HF6-2 and they look really good on the American SUV.

Apart from this modification, the current fourth generation of the Ford Expedition got an exterior-d design inspired by Ford Raptor, and it shares its chassis with the Ford F-150.


Mechanical specifications :

This car, which competes with Toyota Land Cruiser, Chevrolet Tahoe and Nissan Patrol, is powered by a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine with EcoBoost technology generating 375 hp and 640 Nm of torque. The same engine produces 400 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque in the Platinum version, that is connected to a 10-speed automatic transmission.

We do not have official information about the price of the new rims obtained by this car, but we know that the price of the 2020 Ford Expedition in the UAE market is more than 50 thousand dollars, equivalent to 187,500 Saudi riyals.

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