2019 Tiguan R-Line Participates In Volkswagen Stars Competition

2019 Tiguan R Line has participated in the Volkswagen Stars competition, along with its owner Walid Jabiri from the Sultanate of Oman who is competing for the title.

Walid, 34, told us that his Volkswagen Tiguan is not the first German VW he owns. He said he loved cars from childhood, and he preferred German-made cars

The first car he owned was a 2008 VW Passat, which was very suitable for him than he expected, but two years later he wanted to own a sports car and his brother encouraged him to buy a golf.

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Besides the cars we mentioned earlier, Walid Al Jabri owned a Golf GTI that he modified with to Stage 2 , then he gave it up to fulfill his dream of buying a Golf R MK6 in 2013. He owned it for two and a half years before he decided to give it up in order to fulfill his dream of buying a house, but he did not give up his love during that period, and he bought a 2020 Jetta.

After establishing his home, he decided to continue his passion and bought a 2019 Tiguan R Line, as he had to buy a bigger car to suit his family.

Walid Al Jabiri said he chose Tiguan because it was the right size, he needs a bigger car but he doesn’t like extra big SUVs, so Tiguan was just the right choice. He also said that he does not need to modify the car because it’s already a unique car, as R-Line cars have different body kits, more features, and even more power.

Support Walid Jabiri and vote for him to so that he wins the Volkswagen Star title by clicking here,, and for you as a voter, you will enter the draw to win a brand-new 2020 Passat!

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