2 Nissan Gazelle Vehicles Made for the Middle East

Nissan Gazelle Cars are 2 Specifically Constructed Nissan Vehicles for Middle East market

At Dubai International Motor Show, Nissan unveiled two concept vehicles: the Nissan Gazelle Storm and the Nissan Navara Gazelle, inspired by the famous desert deer.

Nissan Gazelle Storm

Developed exclusively for customers in the Middle East, Nissan Gazelle Storm is a unique concept based on the popular Patrol Super Safari model that offers an unrivaled off-road capability and all-terrain accessibility.

Gazelle Storm’s excellent off-road performance has been upgraded with a top front angle and a tire inflator, which fits perfectly with the off-road driving culture of the region. It is the perfect car for dune driving experiences in the challenging desert.

The Gazelle Storm is characterized by its speed and good performance in all terrains and is equipped with a 4.8-liter six-cylinder engine and a luxurious and durable interior complemented by the use of leather and various lighting types.

The adventure car also has a compact and protective storage box where camping and off-road gears can be placed, as well as storage drawers, a barbecue carrier, and a refrigerator for food and beverages.


Navara Gazelle

Designed specifically for the Middle East based on the chassis of Nissan’s famous pickup vehicle, the Navara Gazelle has a unique and striking design and more distinctive sports capabilities enhanced by the new design of the bumper, rear wing, improved suspension shock absorbers and compact compressor in addition to the 2-inch ground lift kit and wheels suitable for all types roads.

Customers can choose between a 2.5-liter diesel or gasoline engine that provides a great deal of power and efficiency whether you are on Dubai’s roads or on the dunes.

This was a quick introduction to both cars – the Gazelle Storm, the Gazelle Navara, introduced in Dubai Motor Show 2019. Nissan’s platform also hosted 2020 Nissan Sunny and 2020 Nissan Patrol.


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